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Restaurant Hit is a unique blog that has one single purpose: Help You Start And Run Your Restaurant. Learn more about us.

We provide you with all the information and tools that you need in order to achieve your goal and enter the industry with an upper hand on entrepreneurship and innovation.

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“A law is valuable, not because it is a law, but because there is right in it.”

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Why We started?

The amount of information you can get through the media and the internet is infinite, we understand that the web is vast, and that you will surely see us as any other blog.


That’s why our team is only made up of young entrepreneurs like you, accompanied by experts of the industry to deliver a quality of information and resources that will be straight to the point and beneficial to you.

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Restaurant Hit focus on making things as simple as possible, and as memorable as possible. All the information you will receive will be effective and will give you insights into this industry where there is still huge potential.

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We would like to accompany you in your adventure and help you to achieve your respective goals, to do this we are totally open to receive and answer any questions or doubts that may be bothering you.

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Please take the time to contact us at info@restauranthit.com to discuss your ambitions or doubts.

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important things you should know


Both pages are designed to provide content in regards to the successful launch of a restaurant. The blog page will mainly contain posts regarding the process of starting and running a restaurant, while the insights page will include additional information about current and upcoming trends to make your can support your restaurant’s concept with innovative ideas.

Absolutely. Simply request a conversation with us on the contact page or through our e-mail address, we will answer any request or doubt coming from anyone.

We know the process. And we know what works what doesn’t. For that reason we only provide you with content that we believe you absolutely need in order to achieve your goals. We try to show what it really takes to launch and successfully run a restaurant. It takes courage, but with guidance and efforts, it is worth it.